Cool With Caps

The summer sun makes caps all the more useful promotional gift or uniform accessory. Yet you can’t let function outweigh design. Just over 40% of U.S. consumers who keep a cap do so because it’s attractive, according to ASI’s 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions report. Consider your options when decorating a cap.

“Embroidery is always best when it comes to a six-panel cap, which is the most popular style of hat,” says Mitchell Krakower vice president of Hackensack, NJ-based Topwear International (asi/91430). “This is because there’s a seam in the front and printing doesn’t always line up well. Of course if the logo is very intricate or it’s a picture, printing or sublimation can be better in that case, but you might be better off switching to a five-panel cap.” Of course, you can also choose to go custom. Krakower says decorating before the cap is constructed allows for greater choice of decorative options and a higher quality finish.

Though the most popular form of decoration is embroidery, there are many choices in style of embroidery, according to Catherine Epstein, business development manager of Champlain, NY-based Fersten Worldwide (asi/53974): “Flat and 3-D embroidery are the most popular. Depending on the logo, we also see increased demand for light back fill embroidery, 3-D puff with bean stitching, 3-D puff outline embroidery and crisscross embroidery. After embroidery, it’s laser etching, which on headwear is fabric- and color-dependent and can’t be done on all headwear styles and colors.”

Talk to your cap provider to learn what decorative options would be best for your project.

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