Tajima DG/ML V.14

Pulse Microsystems Ltd., Mississauga, ON; (416) 855-1650;

Cost: Contact distributor for price; in the U.S., contact Hirsch International,

What it is: Tajima DG/ML V.14 is advanced commercial software for embroidery lettering, monogramming, digitizing, laser, sequin, chenille, appliqué, rhinestones and more. DG/ML is the official software associated with Tajima embroidery machines.

What’s new:

  • QuickName Express and Quotation Estimator
  • Special border fonts allow for automatic borders
  • New appliqué backgrounds
  • Template function allows user to create multiple files in a single step by importing spreadsheets
  • Improved user interface and personalized workspaces.

Key features:

  • True vector-based embroidery
  • Easy and accurate conversion from vector files to embroidery
  • Built-in Draw Fusion feature for instant conversion of CorelDRAW artwork into stitches
  • Digitizing tools, advanced lettering and monogramming features
  • Huge variety of language fonts, fonts with outlines
  • Variable density and specialized stitch effects
  • Extensive worldwide support.

Buyer’s note: This software is best suited for commercial embroidery businesses. Additional specialty options like sequin, chenille, rhinestones and laser-enhanced embroidery provide another avenue for greater profitability.