StockStitch 6.2

Dalco Athletic, Dallas; (800) 288-3252;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: StockStitch is a stand-alone program designed for automated sewing of stock letters, numbers and appliqué shapes. Users with digitizing or editing software can add embroidery drop-ins to the appliqué created in StockStitch. Once the design is created, customers can order the precut pieces that are ready to sew from Dalco.

What’s new:

  • Users can sew six dye-sublimated twill number fonts in one, two and three colors.
  • Number fonts include Pro Team, Dagger, Shock, Team Shadow, Digital Camo and Camo
  • Windows 8 compatible.

Key features:

  • Over 40 fonts as well as banners, ribbons, states and more
  • Compatible with twill; designer fabrics like polka dots; pebble grain; and Dal-Chenille
  • Select multiple sizes of each font and multiple stitch types (bean, satin, zigzag)
  • Full control of stitch width and density
  • Compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Buyer’s note: StockStitch is specifically designed for appliqué work, so it’s ideal for shops that fulfill orders for team uniforms, spiritwear or fashion appliqué. It doesn’t require any cutting of lettering; all the component parts are pre-cut to fit the StockStitch predigitized program.

User review: Cathy Shepard, owner of 3 Sisters Embroidery in Durham, NC, services mainly fraternities and sororities with embroidery and heat-applied embellishments. She has been a proud user of StockStitch for over 12 years. “I started with the free version and we’ve upgraded consistently,” she says. “There’s no significant design work necessary. You literally just type in the letters and go, and it’s so affordable.” Shepard says she and her team have determined how they want certain designs to appear, and have preset the software to fit those standards. “Whether it’s zigzag or satin stitch, or the thickness of the item, that’s all preset,” she says. “So all we have to do is type in the letters, select the presets and we’re off. It’s so easy to use.”