Smart Designer Pro

Digital Art Solutions, Tempe, AZ; (800) 959-7267;

Cost: $699

What it is: Smart Designer Pro software transforms CorelDRAW X6 and X7 from a generalized design application into an industry-specific graphics system designed to simplify and automate the graphic design process.

What’s new:

  • Over 100 new features have been added using Corel Corp.’s new seamless docker technology
  • Compatible with CorelDRAW X6 and X7 and Windows 8.

Key features:

  • Automates and simplifies more than 100 complex design and production tasks, including text effects, circle text, arches, athletic tails and weathered effects
  • Automatically creates virtual samples from a library of stock product templates in vector and high-resolution formats
  • Integrated with more than 30 titles of Digital Art Solutions’ digital art volumes, capable of interactively editing stock design templates to create custom graphics.

Buyer’s note: This software is designed for shops that want to streamline graphics design and production for the apparel decoration industry. It reduces design and production time by up to 90% through automation as well as by adding industry specific features to CorelDRAW, according to the manufacturer.