Showcase: Woven Shirts

Wovens have long been a staple item in the promotional industry, but they’ve gotten quite an upgrade over the past year or so. Whether you’re seeking a shirt for the hospitality industry or for a corporate environment, here are some of the latest trends.

Elson Yeung, product line manager and designer for Ash City USA (asi/37127), points to button-down as well as clean-collar looks. “Clean-collar points tend to offer a more fashionable and contemporary touch of styling, whereas button-down collar shirts provide a certain professional and welcoming appearance,” he says. “The main idea is to make sure both options are within your wardrobe.” Another current trend in wovens, Yeung says, is performance. “The availability of performance features beyond your typical woven is a hot trend right now, as many new styles incorporate moisture wicking within woven shirts to keep wearers dry and comfortable all day long,” he says.

Jackie Whitfield, vice president of merchandising at Trimark Sportswear Group Inc. (asi/92122), cites other trends. “There’s a significant interest in checks and gingham yarn dyes for both men’s and women’s woven shirting, and wrinkle-free and wrinkle-resistant finishes are becoming a necessary requirement,” Whitfield says.