Scannable Patches to the Rescue

A patch can do more than identify a person. When combined with a QR code, it becomes a scannable tool to identify someone and to provide important information. To create such a patch, Imprints USA, a subdivision of Penn Emblem Co. (asi/77120), and If I Need Help, a California nonprofit corporation that reunites lost children with their parents, have come together. The QR Code ID Patches are sublimated with scannable codes providing individual contact and emergency information.

A QR Code ID recently proved priceless for one California family. While at a large sports tournament, a 5-year-old with Autism was separated from his parents. As the family began searching the park a parent in another part of the park noticed the boy and his QR Code ID. She scanned it and the boy was reunited with his parents.

Imprints USA and Penn Emblem Co. are proud to have partnered with Bruce and Erin Wilson, founders of the If I Need Help organization to produce these safety patches.