Pulse Microsystems Ltd., Mississauga, ON; (416) 855-1650;

Cost: Contact distributor for price; in the U.S., contact Hirsch International,

What it is: PulseID offers versatile applications and powerful design engines for embroidery, print and more.

Key features:

  • API toolkit enables software and application developers to add embroidery and digital print functionality to their own websites and internal applications
  • Web modules allow customers to complete personalized designs on a user’s website in minutes
  • Automation solutions standardize critical production processes to increase efficiency and eliminate costs from manual errors
  • Networking capabilities offer detailed reports and status information on machines, designs and operator efficiency, ensuring high productivity levels from machines and operators.

Buyer’s note: PulseID offers online and offline automation solutions for all shops that offer embroidery, digital printing, laser and rotary engraving, and rhinestones. The software is designed to integrate into a shop’s current production processes.