PTA Potential

Kelley Waltz, owner of The T-Shirt Guy LLC in Las Vegas, was a member of the Parent-Teacher Association at her children’s school before getting into the T-shirt business a few years ago. With its emphasis on fundraising, she says, the PTA is an ideal, but often overlooked group decorators should target. Knowing this, the T-Shirt Guy has set up a booth at regional PTA conventions for the last two summers.

At those conventions, the decorator touted its fundraising kits, which include samples, order forms, a stand they set up at the school and an online store that saves the PTA from guessing on order amounts and getting stuck with unsold inventory. The kits were popular, Waltz says, but she likes to come up with new ideas to wow convention-goers. “We’re trying to keep things new and fresh for them,” she says.

This year, The T-Shirt Guy took a new approach, handing out free vehicle window stickers, featuring soccer balls, music notes, megaphones and other school activity-related icons – perfect fundraiser fodder. It was also the first time the company attended the much larger statewide PTA convention, held in Las Vegas this spring. Though Waltz says her shop did not push any sales at the convention, she received a lot of interest that she expects will pan out over the summer. “Our whole goal is to get information into people’s hands,” she says. “I know enough about PTA to know it’s hard to get people to commit right now.”