Name Recognition

Denver Screen Print and Embroidery’s online strategy begins with its name. Type in a Google search for “Denver” and “screen printing,” and Ron Katz’s 31-year-old business will likely be the first shop to pop up. That’s intentional: “We’ve got a great name,” Katz says.

The business is also well-known for its environmentally friendly products, with a strong focus on waterbased screen-printing inks and sustainable apparel. Katz says he’s employed search-engine optimization companies to make sure his shop is near the top when people search for terms related to eco-friendly T-shirt printing. “We see a lot of returns on the Web,” he says. “We don’t have any print advertising anywhere.”

But a robust SEO strategy isn’t the only way the company gets noticed online. Katz says Denver Screen Print maintains an active presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the review site Yelp. The industry veteran says he relies on one of his employees to keep the posts on-trend, fresh and engaging. “There was a time in my life when I was really hip; I’m not anymore,” he jokes. “I’m afraid to even go on Twitter.”

Sometimes more effective than the shop’s own social media posts are the times that satisfied customers mention Denver Screen Print on their sites. For example, Katz once helped a friend whose daughter was suffering from a rare disease, printing T-shirts for a fundraising walk and giving the event organizer a “smoking hot deal.” Afterward, the fundraising group posted a slew of photos from the walk online, thanking Denver Screen Print for its help. “We got so many different jobs from all over the country just from being on their website and their blog,” Katz says.