I-Cliqq Embroidery Software

I-Cliqq, United Arab Emirates; +971 505 042790;

Cost: Contact U.S. regional agents.

What it is: I-Cliqq is ideal for designers who prefer control over the design process. Although I-Cliqq can convert vector outlines to stitches, this isn’t auto-digitizing software. I-Cliqq includes different levels with simple, transparent options. Users can download the free Lettering Version that includes three font styles to lay out, save and export. You can also use vector files from CorelDRAW or similar graphics software.

What’s new:

  • Create multiple glyphs on any font styles
  • Integrated colorways save and export; export .txt and CSV thread charts; and eyedrop color
  • Integrated font categories; independent layer handling up to four colors; and edit font list.

Key features:

  • Auto-kerning and glyph-by-height refinement
  • Multiple character save modes
  • Import glyphs on the fly.

Buyer’s note: I-Cliqq suits creative and progressive businesses that are deep into personalization and monogram markets and want to offer more expansive, creative font ranges. Also, the ability to create resizable text combined with creative stitch types means that small or commercial operations can offer unique, custom design work.