Forté by Pantograms

Pantograms Mfg. Co. Inc., Tampa, FL; (800) 872-1555;

Cost: Contact vendor for pricing.

What it is: Forté comes in three levels: the FortéLE lettering and editing program, the FortéID intermediate digitizing program, and the FortéPD advanced professional digitizing program.

What’s new: Windows 8 compatibility and additional thread colors.

Key features:

  • Accommodates vector artwork for easier digitizing
  • Users can import and auto-digitize vector designs as stitches using DRAWings Converter
  • Over 250 pre-digitized fonts in five categories
  • Lettering controls for adjusting line spacing, kerning and word spacing, as well as controlling character size and width, character angle, paragraph justification and monogram sizing.

User review: Josh Orosco, owner/digitizer at Spring Hill, FL-based StormRider Embroidery and Custom Digitizing, specializes in custom designs for direct embroidery customers and other embroidery companies. The team also creates custom patches and direct embroidery on many items, including welcome mats, bike club leathers and canvas shoes. “As a digitizer, one of the features in Forté that I rely on is Design Information,” Orosco says. “It gives me information on each section of stitches that I create and lets me easily make changes, like adding and removing lock stitches, changing the order and grabbing different sections.” Orosco also appreciates that Forté allows him to create custom keyboard fonts, so he can use any true-type font that a customer has chosen. “The editing features in the program are awesome and easy to use,” he adds. “I can create amazing stitch art that our clientele has come to expect from us over the years. If you’re new to commercial embroidery or are thinking of getting in the business, this is a great product to have.”