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DecoDynamix, Durban, ZA; (27) 82-3444068;

Cost: Contact vendor for pricing.

What it is: Wilcom Keyboard Fonts (ESA) are add-on software packs for users of Wilcom Embroidery Software. ESA fonts are pre-digitized with enhanced manipulation capability to create powerful keyboard layouts. These are lifetime software assets that will remain with each upgrade, and keyboard fonts never expire or become obsolete. Users can download the free BallantineScript ESA to test and compare, as well as additional free font and design data.

What’s new:

  • High-quality personalization, corporate and monogram styles
  • Large text format styles and large format monogram styles with auto download on all font packs.

Key features:

  • Lossless resizing within a larger range than any machine file
  • Enhanced manipulation capability within the software
  • Powerful and instant layout capability with team names, monograms and closest point connection styles.