DesignShop V9

Melco, Denver; (800) 799-8313;

Cost: Contact distributor for price.

What it is: This digitizing software is available in multiple levels for various business applications.

What’s new:

  • Auto-digitizing feature converts vector graphics to embroidery in seconds
  • Scan & Sew Technology enables embroidery files to be stored in barcode format; barcodes can be printed on a production ticket and then scanned into the AMAYA machine. This feature boosts production and accuracy, especially in multi-head configurations.

Key features:

  • Available in four levels; users choose the level appropriate for a specific embroidery business
  • Fabric profiles enable operator to assign information (such as stitch density) to specific fabrics; save and use as needed
  • Underlay enables designers to choose from multiple underlay styles. Digitized objects maintain color properties, even when copying and pasting.

User review: “I’ve been in business for 28 years,” says Chuck Northcutt, owner of Seattle-based Creative Promotions, which specializes in large corporate embroidery orders and direct-to-garment printing. “I actually taught DesignShop to new users for about 15 years. This software is amazing. Say you have a run of 1,000 flags, and five heads are stitching in red, five in white and five in blue. If there’s a thread break, it’ll stop and use other multiheads as backups. It keeps the machine sewing.” DesignShop was one of Northcutt’s first experiences with on-screen digitizing, as opposed to manual. “It’s very easy to learn,” he says. “It’s Windows-based and very user-intuitive.”