DecoNetwork Inc., Whittier, CA; (855) 332-6638;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: DecoNetwork is a business and e-commerce platform for decorators that supports embroidery, screen printing and sublimation. With a custom Web store backed by quote, order and production management tools, Deco- Network is a complete business solution.

What’s new: As a subscription platform, all DecoNetwork updates are ongoing and free.

Key features:

  • Online designer to create custom products online
  • Over 9,000 catalog products from suppliers like SanMar (asi/84863), alphabroder (asi/34063) and S&S Activewear (asi/84358)
  • Unlimited number of affiliate stores to grow online presence
  • Powerful quote and order management tools
  • CorelDRAW-powered template editing on user’s site.

Buyer’s note: DecoNetwork is a designer for decorators who want to grow a business via online sales and improve back-end efficiency with smart business tools.

User review: David Simpson, COO and co-founder of ROKbiz Solutions in Caldwell, NJ, focuses on music merchandising, providing bulk merchandise and on-demand e-commerce stores for bands and record labels, including some internationally recognized rock stars. “DecoNetwork provides a feature-rich set of functions for a broad range of business needs,” he says. “The skillsets required depend on which features you need to operate. A small company or independent operator with a modicum of IT savvy should be able to create and manage their own template-based store with few difficulties.” While the learning curve for most of DecoNetwork’s features is minimal, Simpson says, creating automated systems that implement DecoNetwork is more challenging.

“DecoNetwork provides a comprehensive application programming interface that allows a skilled programmer to access and manipulate the data contained in a DecoNetwork store to do virtually anything they want,” he says. “We use a software system that automates the pipeline from customer purchase through shipping. It uses the DecoNetwork API to reach into the dozens of stores we operate, convert orders into print-ready XML and track each order. DecoNetwork’s great API and support staff helped us develop what we believe to be one of the only fully automated direct-to-garment printing systems.”