Auto Laser Lettering (ALL)

Bito USA, Deer Park, NY; (866) BITO-USA;

What it is: ALL automates the process of designing number and letter appliqué designs that are sent to the laser for cutting and embroidering. The program makes it easy and time-effective to even create single pieces.

What’s new:

  • New capabilities allow users to design more sophisticated, decorative lettering using a galvanometic laser
  • Can do multiple sizes in different fonts at the same time
  • Once a combination of fonts and sizes are determined, a template can be created and saved.

Key features:

  • Works with True Type fonts to create top typeface styles
  • Offers finishing stitches such as zigzag, column, bean (triple) and a single running stitch. Characters may be created for single or multiple layers of fabrics, for kiss cut and multicolored appliqués.

Buyer’s note: The program offers full control of cutting and stitching line placements, enabling the user to create a variety of appliqués, including reverse, multi-layer and fashion trim appliqués where a running stitch is sewn in the middle of the fabric and then cut on both sides of the stitch to create a fat-looking column. It also can be used for vector shapes and images other than letters and numbers, making it an automatic appliqué digitizing system as well. The same capabilities used for letters and numbers may be applied to any True Type image, making ALL a program that automates and combines stitching and cutting simultaneously.