Trend Alerts: Geometric Prints

Geometric Prints

From sporty squares to captivating circles, geometric prints are huge in the fashion world, and the trend has infiltrated the decorated apparel industry in a big way. Samanta Cortes, a fashion designer based in New York and owner of, says, “You’ll most likely see geometric prints on strong, confident women. The trend is mostly seen in metropolitan areas.”

Cortes points out that this trend was very popular in the ’70s, but it never entirely disappeared. “It’s not just a fad,” she says. “From the details on trims, embroidery and small, soft prints, designers have never stopped using these designs in their collections.” She advises apparel decorators to keep geometric prints smaller and more understand for conservative or corporate audiences, but to go bigger and bolder for those who really want to make a statement and stand out.

Gina Barreca, director of marketing at Vantage Apparel (asi/93390), points out the versatility of geometric prints. “As far as colors and decoration, there aren’t any limitations,” she says. “It really depends on the specific pattern and design.” Any industry would be a potential target as well, as long as the design reflects the style of the brand being presented.

With moisture-wicking qualities and a contrast checkerboard print, the Izod Checkerboard Blocked Jersey Polo (IZOD0130) from Vantage Apparel (asi/93390; circle 85 on Free Info Card) comes in black caviar/gray or bright white/ultra blue.

Check out this unique Knitted Hat (2509) from Mega Cap Inc. (asi/70434; circle 86 on Free Info Card). Made of 100% polyester, it features a jacquard-blocked design and is available in aqua/white, coffee/white or navy/white; decorated by Tempe, AZ-based AzCa Embroidery (circle 87 on Free Info Card).

The Basic Backpack (2045P) from Everest Trading Corp. (asi/52887; circle 88 on Free Info Card) comes in many fun prints,  including this bright geometric design. It features a large main compartment, a front zippered pocket and padded shoulder straps.