E-Tools for Greater Accessibility

Online tools and software are among the most practical and effective methods for increasing your business and managing the administrative details.

In the fall, InkSoft released a beta version of a new touch-screen kiosk program. The touch-screen kiosk software is specifically designed to be used with a finger swipe and offers many of the most popular features offered in the regular InkSoft online Design Studio. Customers start out with a home screen, which can be customized with any background.

Buyers then choose from a “get started” button or “browse our catalog” button. The get started button prompts the customer through the process of creating a design. The browse catalog button allows a user to see if the product is available before starting the design process. An online video walks the user through all the features available and explains how to use the program. Learn more about program availability at

For the latest in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), consider S&S Activewear’s (asi/84358) newest proprietary system called ApparelSync. EDI, the computer-to-computer exchange of documents, has become a standard for business-to-business collaboration across the apparel industry. With ApparelSync EDI, integrated customers are connected to real-time inventory, pricing, product information and automated ordering and invoicing.

“Once integrated with our ApparelSync, the most up-to-date product information, images and prices are available to our customers continuously,”says Margaret Crow, director of marketing at S&S. “When our customers’ computer systems generate a purchase order, an order with any of our three national locations is automatically generated and transmitted to us, and an order confirmation is sent right back. Its completely worry-free, creating time for our customers to focus on managing their business, not their supply chain.” For more information, email