Shoulder Prints Made Easy

All-over and oversized imprints have been popular and continue to be in 2015. Now there's a fresh nod to the “larger is better” camp from Transfer Express (asi91804).

This latest trend in decorated apparel is referred to as “shoulder,” “billboard” or “pom-pom pull-over” prints. A loose fit or oversized shirt or jersey is decorated with tall lettering across the back of the shoulders. Typically, a school or team name is used.

Transfer Express recently added three new layouts specifically for shoulder prints to make ordering custom transfers for this look easy. Detailed directions from how to order to application can be found on its blog at httpblog.transferexpress.combloguse-custom-transfers-to-print-oversized-shoulder-prints.

Ready-to-apply, one-color designs ship the same day, and by ordering extras, you can quickly do fill-ins for any client.