Moveable Flashback Shuttle Makes Flash-Cure Easy

You no longer need to dedicate a print head to flashing. The new and improved Flashback Shuttle flash-cure unit from Workhorse Products is more versatile and easy to use giving shops more flexibility to meet the changing needs of a wide range of jobs.

While the original shuttle was attached to the press, the new version is mounted on a stand with locking casters that allows it to be rolled to other stations and presses. It’s also height-adjustable and will work with the Freedom, Javelin and Sabre automatic presses.

It can be used in two ways. It retains its ability to print, flash and cool all on the same head, but it also can be used as a traditional standalone flash. Once in position, the shuttle automatically slides its thin quartz element between the garment and screen. At a temperature of 1,000 degrees, it flashes the design and then automatically returns to its starting position. After each flash, the garment is cooled with built-in turbo fans. With the increase in the use of waterbased discharge and specialty eco-type inks, a fourth fan has been added to increase the air flow, making it more effective in the curing and cooling of shirts.