Inspiration: Lisa Marie Cole and Juliet Cook

Poet, yarn artist and “dabbling” fiber artist Lisa Marie Cole sees each piece of art as its own poem – regardless of whether it includes words or not. Cole creates unique masterpieces using quotidian items. “I use yarn, ribbon and magazine cutouts for my fiber art and collages,” she says.

Cole also expresses herself through poetry. When she published a poetry chapbook called Renegade//Heart in 2013, textile artist Juliet Cook created the cover. “Juliet used a variety of mediums, including paint and fabric. I have the actual art piece, ’SOCKET MAUL,’ hanging on my living room wall,” Cole says. In every mess, she believes, one can find art. “We’re all – as people – a bit of a mess. The cover looked like the patched-up innards of a heart to me, and it was definitely something I’d never seen represented artistically before.”

Cook says, “I thought the visual styles of my ’SOCKET MAUL’ – its colors, shapes and  textures – melded well with what I perceived as a sort of abstract art/emotional expression fusion of Lisa Cole’s poems, offering lines such as: ’I am tied//hold me open//rip me//I am poised//silver glint of fear.’ ”

Cole’s work is on her Facebook page,, and her website,




Cole calls her work "art objects," and uses knitting techniques, ribbon, yarn, wrapping paper and other items to create them.