Fetching Fashion Designs Open Retail Opportunity

Recognizing trends at retail can charge your business, but only if you have access to budget-friendly yet in-demand art. One of the newest categories added to the Great Dane Graphics collection of stock art is “Fashion.” This category spans a wide range of styles that reflect trends currently happening at retail.

For example, new heraldry designs incorporate all the most popular icons such as skulls, crosses, fleur de lis, shields, swords, ribbons and scrolls. Tattoo art continues to thrive and new designs offered include roses, leaves, scrolls, hearts, butterflies, vines, birds and eagles. Use these designs to target audiences such as motorcycle clubs, concerts/bands and colleges/universities.

Expanding the genre are nautical designs with a modern twist. A design might integrate an anchor with seahorses, koi fish, seaweed, ribbons and sea grasses. These would be popular in souvenir shops at the beach or a resort. Every new fashion design offered by Great Dane Graphics can to be used to create screen-printed shirts, direct-to-garment prints, signage, sublimation or digital transfers and cut vinyl designs.

Also catering to the trend-minded retailer is The Wild Side, which recently launched a retail per-piece section on its website. The focus benefits small decorated apparel shops, boutiques and online re-tailers that sell mostly “onesie-twosie” size orders. Located at, this new area allows buyers to purchase by the piece rather than by the dozen required in the wholesale area.

The retail area offers the company’s line of plastisol screen-printed and puff transfers. Choose from a wide range of categories such as beach and surf, bikes and cars, wildlife, country and western, dogs, fishing, humorous, children’s, holidays, religious, sports, women’s fashion and many more.