Design Firm Creates Faux-Embroidered Signage

A Japanese design studio is using 3-D printing to create signage that resembles embroidery, complete with plastic “strings” that drape between letters like dropped threads. The Wall Stitch Project, which was on display at Tokyo Designer’s Week 2014, was created by YOY, in collaboration with K’s Design Lab.

YOY, a contemporary design studio made up of spatial designer Naoki Ono and product designer Yuki Yamamoto, was established in 2011 and focuses on “addressing the visual narrative negotiated between space and the objects within,” according to, a news organization that covers 3-D printing. The Wall Stitch Project creates visual interest by juxtaposing the soft look of embroidery with the hard reality of the plastic letters. “There’s also the interest created through the collision of ancient handicraft and cutting-edge technological production, as well as the feminine history and associations of embroidery in contrast with the masculine nature of and predominance in 3-D printing,” writes Hannah Rose Mendoza at 3DPrint.