Screen-Printing Equipment and Accessories

MHM X-Type Plus

Hirsch International (asi/14982); Hauppauge, NY; (800) 394-4426;

What it is: This automatic screen-printing press comes in six-, eight-, 10-, and 12-color models. Overall diameter measures just over 12’ (370 cm) on the eight-station model; it includes many of the larger MHM machine features in a smaller footprint.

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What’s new:

  • M-Touch pro operating system uses an intuitive, user-friendly tablet/pad interface
  • Tablet graphics similar to those on MHM’s standard touch-screen control
  • Access to real-time technical support via wi-fi
  • Each print station has individual keypad controls for access to all functions for fast setup.

Key features:

  • High-speed AC-driven pallet indexer allows user to choose index direction
  • AC-frequency drive print heads ensure smooth print strokes at all speeds and pressure settings
  • Adjustable screen holders automatically adjust to different screen lengths
  • Compatible with all frames, including retensionable
  • True X-Y micro-registration system with no locking/unlocking needed to make adjustments with visual 0 position reference guides; optional preregistration system for rapid setup

Buyer’s note: The six- and eight-color versions are a good option for a manual shop looking to automate; the 10- and 12-color models are geared toward medium- to high-volume shops looking to expand capacity, especially in limited space.

Riley Hopkins Six-Color/Four-Station Screen-Printing Press

Ryonet; Vancouver, WA; (800) 314-6390;

Cost: $3,395

What it is: This six-color press has several benefits over a standard four-color press. In addition to being able to print six solid colors, users can print full four-color process prints with the possibility of a white or discharge plate and highlight white for darker color garments. The Riley Hopkins press with joystick registration is user-friendly and cost-affordable, and it allows users to easily set up multiple color jobs without having to adjust micro-registration knobs.

Key features:

  • Laser-cut and -formed assembly ensures uniform construction and increases stability
  • Numbered print heads increase job accuracy and assist in print order definition
  • Adjustable wheel detent system alleviates noise during rotation and allows for smooth transitions between print stations
  • Limited lifetime warranty (only available on new Riley press design)

Buyer’s note: This machine provides versatility and room for expansion, making it a good option for screen printers who regularly print multiple color jobs.

Falcon Duplex 12-Color Automatic Screen-Printing Press

Workhorse Products; Phoenix, AZ; (602) 437-2305; (800) 778-8779;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This automatic screen-printing press can be used as a conventional 12-station or oversize six-station to print 40” x 50” oversize designs.

What’s new:

  • Packages include flash cure units and gas dryer
  • Price points

Key features:

  • Servo indexer, A/C heads, adjustable front and rear screen holders maximize image-to-screen versatility; heavy-duty chopper cylinders maximize pressure
  • Fast setup features: fully adjustable screen holders work with any pin registration system; squeegee and flood bar pneumatic clamps; and tool-free print head adjustments
  • Multi-stroke mode speeds apply multiple strokes on one print head while performing a single, slow-density stroke on another

User review: “This machine has done nothing but advance our business,” says Joe Matarazzo, owner of Goodfellas Merch in Glendale, AZ, where he specializes in bulk screen printing for the music and clothing industries. “We’ve increased our production time, quality and efficiency. The consistency of half-tone dots and the smoothness of prints are far superior to manual printing. I can’t talk more highly of it and would recommend it to anyone looking to increase production and quality.”

Workhorse Mach Six-Color/Six-Station Manual Screen-Printing Press

Workhorse Products; Phoenix; (602) 437-2305; (800) 778-8779;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: Thismanual screen-printing press has optional cap, jacket, sign, koozie, sticker and pocket attachments. Its precision-machined cast aluminum print heads and center wheel provide tight registration.

What’s new:

  • Pallet bracket: takes less time to change out platens when switching from shirts to sleeves or between sizes – just one knob tightens platen to arm
  • Optional casters make it easy to move machine’s location.
  • Quick release bracket allows operator to use same platens on this machine and automatic press

Key features:

  • Large-diameter, full-length center shaft combined with print station support struts to maximize rigidity
  • Tool-free X, Y and Z micro registration

User review: Shaun Lipton, CEO of Roseville, CA-based Iconic T-shirts, says this machine is well-built and easy to use. “It has a micro registration for those looking for precision,” he adds. “To have a machine that does what it’s supposed to is awesome. I’d recommend this machine to anybody looking for a solid manual press, as it exceeded our expectations.”