Multi-Head Embroidery Machines


Barudan America Inc.; Solon, OH; (800) 627-4776;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This multi-head machine is available in two, four, six or eight heads, and has a versatile larger standard sewing field at 18” x 17”; the height of sewing heads and table were raised 4” for better ergonomics. The X Automat features 8.4” larger LCD display, 100 memory locations and a 20 million-stitch capacity.

What’s new and key features:

  • SmartHead sewing head allows for higher performance, easier maintenance and increased durability
  • Fewer oiling points with better access means less downtime for servicing
  • Servo Motors provide increased production, more power and accurate stitching.
  • Mark 7 Trimmers provide improved performance and durability, and provide a shorter throat plate for better cap embroidery.
  • Three USB ports for loading designs or adding devices
  • Standard LAN connector for Barudan’s networking software
  • Stronger, reinforced steel frame standard on all Barudan machines, allowing higher speeds and greater noise reduction


ColDesi Inc.; Tampa, FL; (877) 793-3278;;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This multi-head machine has four 15-needle heads operated from one new 6.4” full-color control panel; it has the new Quick Change Cap System on every head for maximum production time. This reliable workhorse designed for contract embroiderers or clothing manufacturers is easy to operate, and its five-year warranty ensures trouble-free, full-time operation.

Key features:

  • Automatic oiling system for easier maintenance and less downtime
  • USB port for design storage and input
  • Laser tracing allows user to avoid hitting the hoop
  • Adjustable tables and automatic return and offset
  • Mirror image conversion and design direction
  • Free training and support from ColDesi


ColDesi Inc.; Tampa, FL; (877) 793-3278;;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This six-head, 15-needle commercial machine is designed to be robust and feature-filled for contract embroiderers or clothing manufacturers, while still fitting through a standard 30” doorway. It balances the practical with the professional, with standard features like automatic oiling and new Quick Change Cap System.

What’s new: Large 6.4” LCD control panel and USB port for design storage and input

Key features:

  • Laser tracing allows user to avoid hitting the hoop
  • Adjustable tables, and automatic return and offset
  • Mirror image conversion and design direction
  • Free training and support from ColDesi


Hirsch International (asi/14982); Hauppauge, NY; (800) 394-4426;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This multi-head automatic machine employs new technology that makes it easier to adjust the presser foot and thread tension for a wide range of fabrics types and thicknesses. It also sews highly intricate, detailed embroidery better than ever before.

What’s new:

  • Adjustable thread tension on individual needle bars, allowing for a wide range of thread thicknesses
  • Specialty thread attachment for thick thread
  • Crank drive for better durability and less maintenance

Key features:

  • Digitally controlled presser foot adjusts to the fabric thickness for easier sewing on all fabric densities with fewer thread breaks and tension issues
  • Needle wobble decreased by 60%, making it easier to do intricate embroidery
  • Newly designed middle thread guide allows for setting tension in half the time as could be done on conventional guide

Buyer’s note: The TMAR-KC is a good choice for shops that specialize in challenging jobs, such as 3-D foam, leather and highly intricate designs. It offers improved performance and higher production speeds with fewer thread breaks and tension problems, making it more profitable to take on traditionally difficult work.


Melco; Denver; (800) 799-8313;

Cost: Contact distributor for price.

What it is: This modular multi-head embroidery machine runs up to 30 heads simultaneously in multiple configurations.

What’s new: DesignShop V9 Lite now included with AMAYA OS 10, which gives users additional lettering and editing capabilities; you can start with one head and add heads as your business grows.

Key features:

  • Machines stitch independently of each other, but together on a network; if user needs to stop one head for any reason, the others continue sewing
  • Each head can sew different products simultaneously.

Buyer’s note: This system allows the user to configure it for her specific business. Decorators can run a high-volume shirt order on four heads and shut down one to run a short order of five hats without stopping the other three heads.


MESA Distributors Inc.; Fort Worth, TX; (800) 456-3727;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: The HM-1504 is a four-head commercial machine. The same features are also available in two-, six- or eight-head models, which all have 15 needles, a 500mm x 450mm (19.6” x 17.7”) sewing field and sew at 1,000 spm. The Quick Change Cap and Hooping System is included, allowing a user to change from flats to caps in seconds. All Highland machines have a five-year warranty.

What’s new:

  • Control panel features a 10” color LCD display
  • Built-in memory holds 2 million stitches or up to 99 designs

Key features:

  • Automatic thread trimmer and color change as well as auto-mend
  • Smart thread-break detection, linear pantograph movement, design trace and stitch filtering
  • Built-in noise reduction technology

Buyer’s note: Highland two-head machines are well-suited for small shops that need additional embroidery heads, while the four-head is an excellent choice for larger shops looking for high-production, commercial-quality equipment.


RiCOMA International Corp.; Miami; (888) 292-6282;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for factory-direct price.

What it is: This four-head, 15-needle industrial machine sews up to 1,000 spm, is quiet with its new Servo Motor, easy to use and operates up to 18” x 18” on tubular. The machine, which is suitable for flat, cap and finished garments embroidery, offers a memory of 1 million stitches; an LCD display showing real-time stitching; and a five-year warranty.

What’s new:

  • 20” x 17.7” embroidery area
  • Newly developed small arm is only 70% of the old design, which guarantees a wide range of embroidery like shirt pockets and pants
  • Small arm also guarantees better embroidery on caps with 2mm space reduced between the cap device and needle plate.

Key features:

  • Automatic color change, thread trimmer and thread-break detector
  • USB port-ready; 270° wide cap system; and pre-sew design trace-capable


Texmac Inc.; Charlotte, NC; (877) 335-5206;

Cost: Contact Texmac for price.

What it is: This multi-head machine line accommodates two, four, six and eight heads, and includes a 450mm x 360mm sewing field, a 1 million-stitch/250-design memory, and sews up to 1,100 spm. The machine features a large 9” color LCD screen and a 3” x 14” cap sewing field for sewing the front and sides of a cap in one hooping; the machine is compact enough to wheel through a standard door (all models less than 3’ wide).

What’s new:

  • Windows 8 compatible
  • Head accommodates one or two HAPPY motor-driven sequin sewing devices
  • Add any hoop into memory for accurate position/fit of design

Key features:

  • Built-in network and USB connections for PC
  • Dual set of hoops included with each unit, including cap sewing system; two hoops of each size included per sewing head
  • Reporting functions display histories of production and error codes
  • Networks with all current HAPPY machine models; manage multiple machines from one PC
  • Installation/training included

Buyer’s note: This machine is a good choice for production embroiderers at a premium for space (i.e., a four head will fit in the space of three single heads). It’s also good for production embroiderers who handle large-quantity orders.


ZSK USA Inc.; Franklin, NH; (800) 525-2366;

Cost: Contact manufacturer/rep for price.

What it is: The 12-needle commercial machine, which is made in Germany and sews up to 1,000 spm, is available in one, two, four, six or eight heads in these measurements: caps: 70mm x 360mm; tubular good: 405mm x 395mm; single motives: 495mm x 700mm; and border frame: 700mm x 3,200mm.

What’s new:

  • Positioning with cross-hair laser-pointer
  • Loading of designs over a network and/or via a barcode scanner
  • Embroiders sequins from 3mm to 19mm (single and twin devices)
  • Cording and taping devices

Key features:

  • Tubular, cap and border frame operation modes
  • Thread control, contour tracing and error analysis
  • Automatic thread trimmer and back-stitch function
  • T8/2 control terminal; network-ready and Windows-based networking

Buyer’s note: The machine’s performance, flexibility, quality and user-friendly operation, along with a variety of innovative accessories, makes the machine a good choice for promotional products, corporate fashion, club wear and individualizing various textiles