Laser Bridges

Cutting & Engraving Systems

Epilog Laser; Golden, CO; (888) 437-4564;

Cost: Systems start at $7,995 (U.S. pricing only)

What it is: Epilog Laser systems have the ability to cut and mark a variety of fabrics include fleece, twill, cotton, denim and leather. With its laser-precise technology, you can cut intricate patterns and designs.

What’s new:

  • Fusion Laser series features a redesigned motion-control system for superior engraving and cutting quality
  • Engraving table sizes up to 40” x 28” to tackle large project

Key features:

  • All systems are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.
  • User-friendly designs to help get you up and running quickly

Buyer’s note: Epilog Laser systems are versatile and exceptionally user-friendly. Not only can systems produce exceptionally detailed engravings/markings on fabric, but they can also cut with laser precision. Decorators, distributors, apparel manufacturers/resellers and craft shops can get great use from one of these systems.

Proel Laser Bridge

BITO USA; Deer Park, NY; (866) 248-6872;

Cost: $125,000 to $350,000

What it is: This laser is designed to span multi-head embroidery machines and/or other work stations up to 120’ (35m) across. It may be placed over embroidery machines, rolling and feed systems, flat plotters, fixed tables and custom-made jigs. It can cut, engrave, etch or mark hooped embroidery garments and other materials, allowing users to create appliqués, including reverse and multilayer, which can be further personalized with laser etching on the fabric’s surface. 

What’s new:

  • PLC logic controller technology for improved stability, and faster processing time and cutting
  • Integrated Vision System (purchased separately)
  • Comprehensive user diagnostics with access to factory remote assist
  • Windows 8 compatibility and enhanced integration with automatic rolling and feed systems and plotters

Key features:

  • High-speed galvanometic laser moves along a beam positioned above the embroidery heads or other devices
  • Can be integrated with any embroidery machine
  • Variable cutting area of up to 600mm x 600mm (24”) for each embroidery head
  • PC-controlled via two interface cards; accompanying software allows user to control laser power, speed, repetitions and designs
  • Multiple fabric layers can be kiss-cut simultaneously

Seit SL-10 Series Embroidery Laser Bridge Machine

Hirsch International (asi/14982); Hauppauge, NY; (800) 394-4426;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: This textile laser-bridge machine features improvements that increase production speed, improve safety, allow for more precise cutting and offer a larger cutting area.

What’s new:

  • Highly efficient patented aspiration system is built into rigid metal duct mounted on top; straight shape reduces turbulence and increases suction, reducing fumes and keeping lens free of corrosion and overheating
  • CAN-BUS system digitalizes all signals for clearer, faster and more stable communication between machine and other devices, such as security scanner, laser head, laser source and more
  • Active security system offers two security scanners that operate horizontally to cover machine’s front, sides and part of the back

Key features:

  • Available in custom lengths to accommodate virtually any machine configuration and space requirement
  • Heavy duty C-shaped central supports provide continuous, unimpeded movement; multiple embroidery machines and test stands can be placed at any position along entire length of X-axis

Buyer’s note: This series is for mid- to high-volume embroidery shops looking to add or speed up appliqué production.

uPrint Laser Transfer Printers

MESA Distributors Inc.; Fort Worth, TX; (800) 456-3727;

Cost: Contact manufacturer for price.

What it is: These printers produce full-color designs on transfer paper. Designs can then be heat-set to garments without pre- or post-treatment. Special transfer paper allows for setting of designs to almost anything, including light or dark cottons, polyester, wool, nylon, silk, jeans, caps, leather, bags, wood and metal.

Key features:

  • Prints up to 30 pages per minute (Express model) or 22 pages a minute (Elite model, pictured)
  • Maximum print area is 11.5” x 16.5” (Elite) or 8” x 11” (Express)
  • Prints images at up to 1200dpi resolution
  • Decorates full-color, wash-fast T-shirts
  • Low maintenance: print thousands of designs before performing routine maintenance
  • Cold transfer paper is also available for items that can’t be heat set

Buyer’s note: The printers are intended for business startups that wish to offer custom-printed garments and shops that want to add designs to a wide variety of items.