Ryonet Sets High Bar for Hopkins Press

For screen-printing supplier Ryonet Corp., the collaboration with Riley Hopkins screen-printing presses has been a fruitful journey. What began as a partnership turned into an official brand for Ryonet in 2012. Since the first connection between Riley Hopkins and Ryonet, there have been more than 50 improvements to the presses.

“We got into press manufacturing in 2009 because we wanted to give screen printers a good quality manual press for a good price,” says Ryan Moor, president of Ryonet. “So with a few saws, welders, drill presses and a shoestring budget, we started making the silver press in a barn, literally. The silver press resulted in helping over 20,000 screen printers get started in the trade.”

Since then, Ryonet has expanded and advanced the Riley Hopkins press line. “Using solid works, we modeled design after design to make the most durable press we could, at an affordable price,” Moor says. “Next, we used our state-of-the-art trumpf laser and cnc equipment to create custom parts with extreme precision and efficiency. Finally, with careful hands trained by Riley Hopkins himself, we assemble the components for each unit, one at a time.”

The latest developments in the Riley Hopkins press line include an updated color scheme, new registration gates and clamps made entirely from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, and a new line of professional tabletop presses.

In addition, Ryonet has unveiled the Riley Jr., With integrated micro-registration on multi-station units. Riley Jr. is able to hold extra-large frames. Like other Riley Hopkins presses, the junior includes a milled aircraft aluminum head and clamp, and deeper gate upgrades. These new little presses pack in the features to make for a very professional starter press.