Hoop in Less Time

Decrease hooping time by as much as 30% per item with the Mighty Hoop 5.5” magnetic hoop offered by Graphics Solutions Group. Stress is reduced on the operator’s wrists and hands because the outer ring automatically adjusts for different thicknesses due to magnetic force. Even when used with Carhartt jackets or tote bags, very little pressure is needed to fasten the hoop to the product.

The 5.5” size works for adding left- chest designs to shirts and jackets and the pockets of tote and duffle bags. The inside dimension of this hoop is 5.3” or 135mm. The sewing area depends on the brand of the machine. It ranges from 4 5/16” to 4 13/16” (110mm to 122mm). Mighty Hoops are available for Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Brother, Melco, Toyota, Happy, ZSK and Inbro.

The Mighty Hoop can be used with or without a Hoopmaster. If a Hoopmaster is used, an additional attachment for each size hoop must be purchased for proper use. Visit