Graphics One Debuts New Machines

Graphics One (asi/14975) expands decorators’ capability to more quickly produce imprints of exceptional quality. Two new pieces of printing equipment open the door to a greater range of printing options.

The new Metalnox PTS 12000 dual-shuttle heat press, for example, features industrial semi-automatic pneumatic dual platens, with each having 39” by 58” of transfer space. The PTS 12000 meets virtually all requirements of industrial pressing without the high product cost. “This unit is perfect for those users of large format inkjets from EPSON, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland who need an industrial heat press, but are concerned with the overall cost,” says Bob Duschinsky, sales manager for Graphics One. “Having two platens of this size being operated with pneumatic pressure is much preferred to manual pressing. At $16,495, the PTS 12000 offers substantial advantages over manual and automatic units costing far more.”

Decorators also have a new UV flatbed printer as an option. The GO F-24XL is a new small-format UV flatbed inkjet printer with a standard table size of 24” by 47” and scalable up to 79”. It’s the first 24” UV printer to offer this extra length, as most units are limited to delivering an image no more than 16” long. Additionally, like the standard F-24, the unit offers a printing depth of 10”. When all are combined, the total cubic printing area is 18,720 cubic inches.

In addition, the unit includes newly developed dual LED UV lamps with internal liquid cooling that substantially increases the life of the UV lamps. “Potential customers for a small format UV flatbed have requested an extended length UV printer for unique applications, such as sports equipment, promotional items, signage, industrial applications, which, until recently, had to be printed using more expensive equipment with a substantially larger footprint,” says Ernie Contreras, Graphics One product management. “The GO F-24XL achieves this goal with its much smaller footprint and lower cost. At the price point being offered, the unit offers the best price per performance for small-format UV printers in our industry.”