Reduce Heat, Improve Results

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Ryonet’s Green Galaxy inks are water-based and offer a soft hand to prints. “Many customers now expect their prints to have a soft hand and ‘fashion-friendly’ feeling, which plastisols cannot achieve as well as water-based inks,” says Jessica Marshall of Ryonet, adding that they’re perfect for athletic apparel. Ryonet’s Green Galaxy Warp Drive additive reduces cure temperature to as low as 180 degrees for Green Galaxy Water Based Inks. That’s a new step in technology for us, and it’s opening up a lot of doors for many printers to work with large athletic apparel brands, as well as allowing smaller DIY operations to print out of a home more easily with water-based ink.”


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Tip: Minimize rejects. AlbaChem vinyl letter removing solvent eradicates heat-transfer vinyl film and residual adhesives on most fabrics. Fast-drying and non-staining, it can save time and money. A narrow-tipped, easy-pour spout facilitates application and minimizes waste. The non-flammable formula is sold in 32-oz. bottles individually or in cases of 12. Visit


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Tip: Simplify printing poly-performance wear. SPECTRA Perform Clear Gloss is ideal for printing full-color graphics on white or light-colored items such as Dri-Fit or moisture-wicking apparel due to its stretch and rebound and ability to be heat-applied at a lower temperature. In addition to polyester, it also works well on cotton, spandex and most nylons. This product has been tested and shown to last up to 50 washes without losing color vibrancy.


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Tip: Choose a reliable embroidery thread. OTTO International  (asi/75350) debuted an embroidery product line with the same performance and durability that OTTO Cap is known for in headwear. The OTTO Embroidery products include a High Speed Performance Polyester #40 thread, available in white and black in 5,500-yard cones. Also included are 100% Polyester LType Pre-Wound Bobbins in both white and black.


Uniforms can mean big business. Recognizing the potential, promotional apparel companies are adding workwear brands. SanMar (asi/84863), for example, now offers a dozen styles from Bulwark, the world’s largest manufacturer of flame-resistant (FR) apparel. “By joining forces with Bulwark, we now offer our customers the best brand in FR apparel coupled with SanMar’s strengths in inventory depth, distribution and service,” said Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at SanMar. Choose from shirts, coveralls, jackets and pants to outfit workers in electrical, utility, oil and gas, flame-cutting, welding and similar occupations. All products carry Arc-rated FR and most meet Underwriters Laboratories requirements.


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North Miami, FL-based World Emblem International (asi/98264) introduces its new FlexStyle product line, an emblem technology that creates a high-end look for a wide variety of applications. FlexStyle is able to achieve a variety of textures and colors, including metallic, within the same emblem. The materials can also be adhered to virtually any surface including fabrics, glass, wood, metal, plastic, papers and more. To learn more visit