New T-RIPS 2.0 Upgrades Film Output

Scott Fresener of, and the developer of the original FastRIP inkjet film output software, has released version 2.0 of his popular T-RIP software. T-RIP 2.0 is a software RIP that lets you print film positives for screen printing from a low-priced inkjet printer like the Epson Artisan 1430. T-RIP creates halftone dots and instructs the printer to print a dense ink deposit without sacrificing speed. You can now print outstanding film positives quickly with crisp, clean halftone dots, dense image areas that burn a great screen and have a job in perfect register.

For garment screen printers who’ve been using vellums to burn screens, the payoff is immediate with films that burn easily and screens that line up at press. And, for printers who print films to an inkjet without a RIP, the print time is cut in half with T-RIP.

Another T-RIP 2.0 advantage allows you to print black ink from all the colored cartridge slots using a bulk ink system. Printing “all black” helps improve speed and reduces ink costs. T-RIP 2.0 works with almost all Epson wide format inkjet printers (13” and wider) including most of the older models. Download a free 15-day trial from