Massive Embroidery Project Depicts 20th Century

For nearly two decades, a British woman has been overseeing an ambitious embroidery project, which she likens to a modern-day Bayeux Tapestry. When complete, the Embroidery of the Century will consist of 100 panels, each depicting historical events from one year in the 20th century, Lavinia Earl told the (Bournemouth) Daily Echo.

Earl says she was inspired to launch the project after watching a TV show about the historic Bayeux Tapestry. “It seemed ridiculous to me that all that work had been done and nobody even had their name on it,” Earl says. “I thought, with a new millennium imminent, it was time to create a new tapestry with 100 panels representing the 20th century with everybody’s name on it.”

Embroidery groups from Australia, Africa and America have contributed panels, and Earl says she is still seeking out a handful of stitchers to claim the final panels. The completed tapestry will be used to raise funds for The War Child, a charity that protects children living in war zones. “It will be lovely when it’s finished,” Earl adds.
Details on the project are available at