Inspiration: Emily Pittinos

A fiber artist, weaver, spinner, dyer and poet, Emily Pittinos works in 3-D. “Since I don’t draw or create 2-D images, color and shape were what I really delved into,” says Pittinos, who hand-dyes materials, spins them into yarn, and photographs the process and finished pieces – the photos then stand as abstract works of art on their own.

“For me, pure wool is the most exciting material because it calls out for manipulation, yearns for possibility – especially where color is concerned,” she says. “Besides texture between the fingers, color is the most exciting part of the fiber arts. I avoid exactness within my dyeing technique, so there’s so much room for wonderful mistakes.”

Emily Pittinos created these Twin Weavings using open weaving of repurposed fabrics with hand-dyed cotton warp; each measures 12” x 22”.

Featuring repurposed fabrics and found yarns, Pittinos fashioned the Golden Weaving as an open weaving with hand-dyed cotton warp; it measures 30” x 33”.

Pittinos, who’s enrolling in graduate school to study poetry, “hasn’t found a way to combine language and fibers without making something completely tacky, but I’m working on it,” she says, opening up a new venue for her work.

She advises apparel designers and decorators to “try everything you can get your hands on; try what’s soft or shiny or dull or difficult or easy, whatever has a life of its own and becomes a whole other thing of beauty through your manipulation.”

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