Specialty Skulls

Look no further than The Wild Side for any specialty skull designs you might need. This specialty transfer supplier has an impressive collection of ornately decorated sugar skull designs, which originally were used to celebrate the Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead.

Sugar skulls, as well as skull designs in general, are big in fashion and at retail. Numerous Pinterest boards are dedicated to the trend, highlighting everything from bracelets with skull charms to blouses, even with delicately crocheted skull adornments. You’ll find myriad renditions on the internet and at retail to inspire you.

The Wild Side offers one of the largest transfer collections of the sugar skull design, with more on the way. Styles include plastisol heat transfers, rhinestones, rhinestuds and even puff. These designs can be further enhanced with the addition of foil in a total of 30 colors and patterns. In addition to sugar skulls, other skull designs include traditional, Day of the Dead, gothic, biker, pirates and heraldic images. To view the full collection, go to and type in keywords “sugar skulls.”