Showcase: Fall Outerwear and Fleecewear

One of the best things about cooler fall weather is reestablishing clients’ bond with comfy fleece hoodies, sweatshirts and smart-looking jackets. There are several notable trends to keep an eye on this season.

Ashley Nielsen, marketing manager for S & S Activewear (asi/84358), puts quarter-zip outerwear items at the top of the trend list. “There are so many different types of quarter-zips to choose from, athletic to business casual, which fits a number of markets,” she says. She says fleece apparel has recently emerged as a sweater substitute: “Many people are using quarter-zip fleece items as an alternative to sweaters and dressing them up a bit, and young adults and teens are beginning to lean toward the quarter-zip options too,” she says. Nielsen also points to hoodies and guarantees their continued success. “Full-zip hooded sweatshirts continue to hold their own within the fleece and outerwear market, as they, too, are available in a large variety,” she says.

Jennifer Bailey, marketing representative for Dickies Occupational Wear (asi/49675), stresses versatility as a key design trend. “It allows for just one garment to be worn both on and off the job.” Other popular features she says include lightweight and upgraded technological materials and fabrics.