Niche: School Apparel and Accessory Trends

It’s crucial to be well-versed in school-related apparel trends, as kids and teens are supremely fashion conscious and want to wear and own the latest when it comes to clothing and accessories. For this school year, it’s all about bright colors and sporty apparel pieces.

Melissa McCauley, business development representative for Numo (asi/74710), emphasizes “the brights” as a superb way for kids to stand out from the crowd. “With so many schools now requiring uniforms, retailers are finding unique ways for kids to express themselves – to show their personality and their ‘true colors’ – all while wearing a navy polo,” she says. “That’s where accessories come in.”

Shakira Parks of Boxercraft (asi/41325) says another fad embraced by young women is “sporty chic.” “This is a major trend right now, and it effectively combines comfort with style,” Parks says. Parks explains it as a mish-mash of various styles. “It’s all about mixing and matching sporty pieces like baseball caps, varsity jackets and sneakers with chic and luxe pieces such as high heels, leather jackets and little black dresses.” When implementing this trend – one that adults enjoy too – Parks suggests veering more toward the fashion-forward end than the sporty: “It’s important to wear more chic pieces than sporty ones to pull off the trend the right way,” she says.