Create an Intricate Emblem With a Refined Finish

Learn how Penn Emblem Co. (asi/77120) creates a “high-resolution” PennDuo embroidered/woven logo from vector artwork.


Submit Prepared Artwork.

Indicate which design elements will be woven (that means given a high-resolution look) and which elements will be embroidered. Use any standard design file format, such as a .jpeg, .tif, .ai and so on. Penn Emblem will digitize the stitch and woven files accordingly.


Select Your Fabric.

Choose a color from Penn Emblem’s custom color charts for your base fabric onto which the woven part will be placed. Then, the embroidery will be stitched per your requirements. In this example, “Newark Police,” the center circle (text and picture) are woven in 100% twill polyester. The areas around it are stitched. In addition, select the final backing that will be used on the finished PennDuo emblem (for example: heat-seal, low-melt, industrial or pressure sensitive).


Get ready for Production.

The woven part of this emblem has to be made first. Then, these pieces will be laser-cut and manually placed onto multi-head embroidery machines for completing the PennDuo emblem.


Evaluate Detail.

You have the option to choose which method (by laser or by hand) to cut the woven and the embroidered emblem. Laser-cut produces much cleaner, sharper cuts and is also faster


Place the Emblem

Position the patch onto the garment and sew it or heat-seal it as per your chosen backing option.