No. 49: IRIS Ltd., Inc. (Attachmentville), Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes IRIS Ltd., Inc. (Attachmentville) a great place to work!

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Rank: 49
IRIS Ltd., Inc. (Attachmentville) (asi/62860)

Fleetwood, PA
Employees: 29

Company Culture: “We are a family-based company and our culture reflects that. Just like a normal family, we may not always see eye to eye, but at the end of the day, we are all in it together and want to provide the best for our customers.”

Fun Things: “We also have many opportunities for in-house get-togethers, after-hours outings and the occasional game in the hallways. We also have pizza and bingo at the end of every month. This allows us to just get together during the day to recharge and not think about work (and win prizes). We’ve had water balloon battles in our parking lot and played Frisbee golf in the side lot.”

Recent Culture Initiatives:“We opened up a three-week happiness advantage initiative to the company. We asked everyone involved to journal, exercise, identify three grateful things, practice random act of kindness, meditate, etc. We had weekly meetings to discuss what we had done and how it changed how we interacted with both coworkers and customers. Many were able to reconnect with people they have lost touch with and felt more grateful for what they have in life. The first round was so positive, we ran through the process two more times.” – Bill Banks, director of technology