No. 35: Indoff, Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes Indoff a great place to work!

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Rank: 35
Indoff (asi/231011)

St. Louis, MO
Employees: 132

Company Culture: “We have a very diverse and wide-ranging group of sales partners scattered all over the U.S., with some in Canada and Mexico. Despite the distances involved, Indoff Partners are actually a very tight-knit group. The culture is very much of the mindset that once you are an Indoff Partner, we are all in this together. New Partners are greeted warmly by the company veterans, with offers to help them get started. Our discussion board, in addition to National Sales Meetings (held every 18 months in St. Louis) and Champions Circle trips every three years (for our top sales partners), allow them to form strong bonds with people who go through the same day-to-day experiences.”

Perks and Benefits: “The main perk is the high commission and employee status, but we also offer 401k, dental and vision coverage, paid access to ESP Web, free e-commerce websites, internal IT and marketing support. We provide a list server/discussion board where our partners can discuss solutions to job problems, and our corporate office can easily provide information. The water cooler nature of the list server allows work-from-home sales partners to feel like they are part of a family that can all benefit from each other’s previous sales experience.”

Fun Things: “The past two years, our corporate staff has been surprised by the sales partners with a December holiday party, including gifts and raffles for the staff at the expense of the sales partners, to express their gratitude for the help and service the staff provides to them. The corporate office also has many events throughout the year, including Halloween pumpkin decorating contests, holiday box decorating contests, barbecues, Thanksgiving turkey fry and potluck lunch, Holiday lunches off site, and on and on.” – Jim Malkus, president and CEO