No. 25: Quintain Marketing, Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes Quintain Marketing a great place to work!

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Rank: 25
Quintain Marketing (asi/303131)

Annapolis, MD
Employees: 10

Why People Love to Work Here: “We have a culture and management structure that prioritizes transparency and inclusiveness, and as a result, our employees truly feel like they have a voice and are heard. This is the #1 thing they talk about when we ask why they love to work at Quintain.”

Perks and Benefits: “We offer employees the ability to work remotely and we have an unlimited vacation policy. Some call this a ‘results-only work environment’ or ROWE. Basically, our focus is on the results or work product, and not on the schedule people follow or whether they do their work in the office, at home, on a beach, or in a foreign country.”

Recent Culture Initiatives: “In January, we rolled out our ‘Vivid Vision,’ a document that paints a picture of what John and I (as the owners and cofounders) see the company looking like in 10 years. This was extremely well received and the feedback we got was that our team really felt like they had a clearer sense of where the company was going and how they could play a part in that future.” – Kathleen Booth, CEO & owner