Top Quotes From Social Media

“Met a person who worked a few months for post office 40 years ago, just notified his records hacked – i.e. social security number, whole life.”
Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corporation, in a Twitter (@RupertMurdoch) response to the hacking of government employee records

“I’m investing $1 billion in clean-energy innovations” – Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, creating news via his Twitter feed (@BillGates) by essentially forming a new market for businesses to target

“Inclusion and encouraging diverse points of view are cornerstones of how I lead. Throughout my career, I’ve benefited greatly from the wisdom and experiences of mentors. Some executives credit one or two key people for coaching them to success, but I believe effective mentoring takes a network.”

“The next Mark Zuckerberg might emerge from a developing economy beyond American borders, where an entrepreneurship ecosystem is still in its infancy.” – Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, announcing on Twitter (@MichaelDell) an initiative to promote worldwide entrepreneurialism

LinkedIn Connections

Select responses to a post that reads: How can companies attract and retain millennials in the workplace?

  • Rita King Every generation probably contains the same number of lazy people, ambitious people, smart people, etc. This generation has an unprecedented ability to work together faster, and in serving this desire, companies actually strengthen themselves significantly and should take the opportunity to do so. The most meaningful difference in this generation is that its ambitious, smart members have more talent and power than an army.
  • Legendary Lifestyle Academy Companies in this day and age need to ‘move faster’ to make decisions. In today’s market, there is so much competition...good competition that should spark quick action. I’ve seen many exciting accounts lost to slow moving decision-makers.
  • John Bladt I work with a lot of millennials and I really do not see much difference between the way they work and everyone else. A lot of millennials are in their 30s now. Married, families, homes, mortgages. I really wish people would stop promoting “millennial attributes” as if they are something no one, even boomers, do not have.
  • Eric Key Generational data is nice where broad strokes are concerned. We always have to be mindful of where new ideas meet the facts of life.

Twitter Feed

A selection of Tweets with the #promoproducts hashtag.

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  • @CrawfordInd Upselling idea – #promoproducts packaging can have unique designs with specialty closures at no extra charge.
  • @actionpromo #Promoproducts Distributors headache: losing clients to online competitors: What to do about it?
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  • @LionCircleCorp Epic office battle on #TacoTuesday. #promoproducts friends, who wins, crunchy tacos or soft tacos?