Are Ad Specialty Companies Doing Enough To Guard Against Security Breaches

Companies need to become more diverse today – and not just demographically.


Heather Sanderson
Overture (asi/288473)
“Since the ad specialty industry doesn't deal with overly sensitive information, adequate security processes can be implemented rather quickly and cost-effectively.”


Marc Simon
HALO (asi/356000)
“Small-business owners cannot possibly make the capital investments necessary to meet the security requirements that customers need and expect.”


David Tate
Signet (asi/326636)
“It depends on the size. There is generally less security at smaller distributors, but large companies with national and international clients HAVE to provide tight security.”


Dan Taylor
BamBams (asi/38228)
      “Possibly not, as I've found that the industry overall seems a bit dated when it comes to technology as a whole.”


Laura Hansen
Image Group (asi/230059)
      “Distributors that want to supply products to larger clients must often demonstrate their system protocols and securities first.”


Jim Malkus
Indoff (asi/231011) "I think there are some challenges in the industry. There are a lot of smaller dealers out there that may not have the resources to put into security."