2018 Hot List: James Przybyszewski, Hit Promotional Products

Meet the new stars shaking up the promo market with their ambition, empathy and passion to be the very best.

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James Przybyszewski

Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125)

James Przybyszewski was awarded “Rookie of the Year” at Hit in 2017, but he’s already proven to be a seasoned pro when it comes to the promo market. As the Top 40 supplier’s Northeast territory manager, Przybyszewski has an annual goal of increasing his personal sales by at least $1 million each year – something nobody should bet against, considering his client base is already as developed as many company vets. How has Przybyszewski started off so strong at Hit?

“Stay top of mind with your customers and be sure to keep the newest and greatest product releases in front of them,” Przybyszewski says. “Your customers will buy from who they like and who will over-deliver to them. I’ve been successful by making sure my partners and their customers have a smooth experience with me, and by standing behind the promises we deliver to our customers.”

After studying marketing and advertising at Rowan University, Przybyszewski first worked in furniture rentals before moving into promo products in 2014 at Admints and Zagabor. “I was able to establish and develop amazing relationships with my current distributor partners,” he says.

But Przybyszewski isn’t all hard work and no play – he knows that balance matters. That’s why he’ll frequently spend his weekends at the park or summers on the beach with his family and their two pug dogs. When he’s not enjoying time in the sun, he’s working on renovation projects on his very first home, which he calls one of his biggest personal accomplishments to date.

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