2018 Hot List: Chris Arvay, Proforma

Meet the new stars shaking up the promo market with their ambition, empathy and passion to be the very best.

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Chris Arvay

Proforma (asi/300094)

With a modern Midas touch and a flair for marketing, Chris Arvay has quickly become one of Proforma’s most valuable and versatile assets. Since joining the distributor late in 2016 as senior business development manager, Arvay has propelled Proforma’s more than 650 owners with a dazzling array of support tools and strategies. In just over one year’s time, he helped owners close more than $9 million in acquisitions and hire nearly 200 sales reps. As impressive as that sounds, what’s just as impressive is Arvay’s humility.

“Listen, without my team, I wouldn’t have this success,” he says. “I just love that we can engage with our owners and I can be a part of that.”

Don’t be fooled, Arvay is a big part of that engagement, as he coaches owners and leverages digital platforms to strengthen client relationships. Under his leadership, Arvay’s eight-person team has already set more than 1,700 appointments with new customer prospects, leading to a pot of gold for owners like Patricia O’Neill, who recently closed a $12,500 deal with a manufacturing company. Then there’s the tale of owner Danny Curbelo, who’s won a new client that’s now worth up $50,000 annually because of the automation program Arvay helps direct.

"With everything I do, I’m focused on growing our owners’ business,” Arvay says. “My next goal is to close $12 million to $15 million in acquisitions for our owners this year. I appreciate my team so much and I know we’re going to keep pushing.”