2017 Hot List: Guy Malk

Meet the 33-year-old VP of marketing for the St Regis group.

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Guy Malk

St Regis Group

As the 33-year-old VP of marketing for the St Regis group, the company he’s been with for over a decade, Guy Malk’s role shows his abundant talent as a multitasker as he oversees the marketing initiatives for no less than 13 lines within the promo industry with another two on the way – in addition to several companies under the St Regis umbrella that are outside the industry. “I love the challenges that arise by virtue of being in this industry,” he says. “I’m a person who loves to be challenged, and between new product development, perfecting new decorating techniques, finding efficiencies through use of technology or marketing a new line of products, there’s never a shortage of new and exciting things to work on.”

And being in the unique position to work for a firm focused on lauding other people’s accomplishments, Malk’s had the privilege of being invited to some of his clients’ award ceremonies, where he gets to witness firsthand the power of promo awards. “I can’t fully articulate the elation you feel when a recipient holds their new award in their hands and looks upon it with such joy, excitement and even humility,” he says. “We often forget how much the work we do can impact someone’s life, and when you see their eyes swell at the sight of an award you made for them, it’s both an extraordinary and humbling experience.”

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