2017 Hot List: Crystal Rueck

"I love making the ideas happen."

Our annual picks of the industry’s rising stars – a brave, bold group that’s trailblazing a unique path to success.

Crystal Rueck

Cotton Candy (asi/169186)

With a smile so wide she looks like she ate the cat that ate the canary, Crystal Rueck, all 28 years of her, has been in the industry for just over two years, and is that rare unicorn we’ve all been craving – a millennial with equal parts smarts and sass and an unabashed love of the promo business. Ask her and she’ll tell you: She already knows she’s a lifer. With 25 active clients and 52% YTD growth, Rueck just cracked her first million in sales.

“I love making the ideas happen,” she says. “There’s nothing better than when someone comes to me with a project, and I get to help make it come to life with a tangible item. Seeing the final product and thinking about all the work that went into it to make it happen with our suppliers and the Cotton Candy (asi/169186) team is the best part.” Rueck’s so high-energy, being with her is like being in a Dyson on full-speed: head-spinning and breathless. “I’m just having so much fun in this industry,” she says, laughing. “I tell people, I’m Crystal the Pistol and I have the best job ever.” Please tell us those T-shirts are already being printed.

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