Top Quotes From Social Media

“To be clear, Tesla is strongly in favor of people being allowed to drive their cars and always will be. Hopefully, that is obvious. However, when self-driving cars become safer than human-driven cars, the public may outlaw the latter. Hopefully not.”

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, via his Twitter feed @elonmusk

“You just might be in a situation that, I call ‘The Velvet Coffin.’ A job that’s comfortable but terminal, comprised of challenges you could handle practically lying down. A title that feels good, enough pay to keep your lifestyle as you wish, but a future lacking any sense of wonder. Essentially, you’re in a cushy dead-end.”

Suzy Welch, author of The Real-Life MBA, via a blog post on LinkedIn about professionals who get too comfortable in their jobs

“My favorite meeting length is increasingly bi-modal: Either ample time for thoughtful discussion or shortest time possible to reach decision.”

jeff-weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, via his Twitter feed@jeffweiner

“Keep pushing forward no matter what sort of obstacles you face.”

Russell Simmons, music producer, via his Twitter feed@UncleRush


Facebook Feedback

I’ve had the most success selling to the _____ market.

  • Jani Jason Travel industry.
  • Danielle Lum Education.
  • Brandywine Promotions Equestrian retail.
  • Karen Mendes Hawaii.
  • Scarborough Specialties, Inc. Universities and colleges.
  • Angie Gallo Financial

What’s the best road-trip music?

  • Joe Robertson The Distance by Cake
  • Danielle Lum I Would Walk 500 Miles
  • Jim Elliott Highway to Hell
  • Barbara Mayes On the Road Again
  • Rhiannon Rowland I always seem to pop in the soundtrack from Forrest Gump. So many great songs.
  • Maggie Smith Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is my fave.
  • Karen Lovins Hobbs anything Jimmy Buffett!


Twitter Feed

Selection of Tweets from the #promoproducts page

  • @PBM_UK Your clients can enjoy a nice warm #cupoftea while out and about with our branded chrome travel mugs.
  • @BlueSodaPromoThe coolest & most delicious piece of SWAG ever, Custom Branded Pizzas
  • @UmbrellaImprint April is ‘American Made Products’ Month! Stay tuned! #USA #madeinusa #promotionalmarketing
  • @MarketngTidbits Don’t bother with promotional t-shirts if no one wants to wear them.
  • @bargainsgroupPlanning a trip? Custom cinch bags are a practical way to identify your group.
  • @asicentral The #ASIpromocar makes a stop at landmark #LaurelCanyonCountryStore, where #promoproducts abound.
  • @SunsetAlpineABWe’re working hard ‘FOOOOOORRREE@GolfinBanff today! #golfpuns #embroidery #banffspringsgolf #promoproducts
  • @epromos Apply for #ePromosForGood and win FREE #promoproducts for your #nonprofit or #charity.
  • @Idea_CustomWho got the best #swag during #MarchMadness? NCAA players got #PromoProducts provided by Michael Kors and Samsung.