No. 19: Zagwear Inc., Best Places To Work 2018

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes Zagwear Inc. a great place to work!

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Rank: 19
Zagwear Inc. (asi/365552), Orangeburg, NY

Benefits & Perks: Recognition program that includes acknowledgement before the company for going above and beyond, as well as rewards. Employees get a paid day off for their birthdays. Flexible summer hours with early dismissal on Fridays.

Workspace Highlights: Displays of past projects and company awards fuel inspiration and motivation. Offices and cubicles are in close proximity, allowing for professional development.

Culture: Zagwear is so committed to having a positive, supportive workplace that it’s created an Employee Engagement Committee – a team of employees that evaluates, offers and executes cultural improvements. “Everyone here shares a care and respect for every team member and will never shy away from an opportunity to help a colleague grow and succeed,” committee members Stephen Devine, Diana Kmiec and Jennifer Allen told us. “There are no silos here. We pride ourselves on transparency and openness.”