No. 11: The Book Company, Best Places To Work 2018

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes The Book Company a great place to work!

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Rank: 11
The Book Company (asi/41010), Delray Beach, FL

Benefits & Perks: Individualized benefits/rewards. No tracking of sick days or PTO. “We respect everyone’s ability to make decisions that best suit their needs and the needs of the company,” says President/owner Doug Greenhut. Unique celebrations include: scavenger hunts, karaoke contests, iron chef competitions and sailing a 50-foot catamaran in a holiday boat parade.

Workspace Highlights: The office includes private spaces, as well as a community area for lounging that features couches and a massage chair.

Culture: There’s little to no hierarchy, meaning all are trusted to achieve the overriding goal of always improving the customer experience. Says Greenhut: “My goal is to uncover what works for each person and then work to find ways to allow each employee to achieve their dreams. That’s the purpose of business. Selling books and journals is just the means.”


No tracking of PTO, job roles shaped to employees’ strengths, an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared commitment, and unique employee events like scavenger hunts and driving a catamaran in a parade – all these elements help create the positive culture that helps propel success at The Book Company (asi/41010), a Florida-based supplier on Counselor’s 2018 Best Places to Work list. In this exclusive podcast, President/Owner Doug Greenhut shares insights into that winning culture.