Terri Tolmack - The Hot 25

Who’s shaking up the industry today and making it a unique, successful, challenging and innovative sector? The members of the 2016 Counselor Hot 25. Check out their stories.

With her upbeat and outgoing personality, it’s surprising that Terri Tolmack was a self-described shy kid growing up. If she’s as shy as she says, then how would this up-and-coming Proforma owner be able to nearly triple her sales in a year?

“I just became creative and innovative and decided that there was nothing I couldn’t do,” she says. If her clients had an idea, she would run with it, and if she couldn’t come through with the exact product a client wanted, she could find an alternative that would make them just as happy, which is what she did when a client in the music industry wanted a customized bronze divider. After deciding that bronze was too costly, she came up with the idea to use wood and was able to personalize it to fit the company’s image, and the order was a success.

It’s that response to her work that drives her. “I’m a people pleaser, so I just love it when I’ve created something that is just over the top for them,” she says. “I can take their vision and create it and make it into reality.”

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