Scott Chastain - The Hot 25

Who’s shaking up the industry today and making it a unique, successful, challenging and innovative sector? The members of the 2016 Counselor Hot 25. Check out their stories.

Scott Chastain has an alter ego, and his name is Captain Stretch. No, that isn’t just because he’s 6-foot-5 – he has the ability to stretch the imaginations of people everywhere. And just like Batman has the Batcave, Captain Stretch has Everfan (asi/99553). Mixing his love of comic books and superheroes with his passion for college sports, Chastain started Everfan in 2011 when he launched a line of collegiate superhero capes. Since then, he’s expanded to include customizable capes, masks, shirts and cuffs, as well as other costume accessories like crowns and tutus.

Chastain isn’t just selling fun costumes, though. He also believes in capes’ own powers, specifically their ability to give wearers superhuman confidence. He especially sees the effect his products have in hospitals, particularly with children who are suffering from health problems. “Capes are a great thing to give them a sense of power and make them think they can overcome challenges,” he says. However, he also notes that his products do just as well with adults as they do with kids, and that there’s “imagination and creativity within everybody.”

Empowering people big and small? It’s all in a day’s work for Captain Stretch.

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